Friday, May 22, 2009

לשון חלקלקות

Chassidic Yiddish speakers often distort English words in ways other than the general public. This post started out as an honest attempt to compile a list of such words, but mysteriously turned satirical. I decided to post the fun entries too, but, on a sober note, I hereby appeal to my readers to help me add more words to the list.


Copper: Bronze. Example: Offerings for the Tabernacle included gold, silver, and copper. Bronze is an alloy from the element copper, but they don’t call it the Copper Age, right?

Steam: Heating. Most places already have more efficient heating systems than steam. Alas, not the only example where we stick to the fifties.

Votes: 1) Elections 2) Polls 3) Votes. Example: When the votes closed, candidate x had a majority of votes; he won the votes.

Europe: Eastern European cemeteries. Example: Buy raffles from yeshiva x, and be the lucky winner of a trip to Europe.

Meshugener: Extremely context sensitive. It can mean anything from genius to skeptic to homeless. Examples: Where should I start?

Seder HaBuses: Bus Schedule. Example: Dial (718) 782-5566. Are you guys out of your mind? You’re running a large commuter enterprise. It’s not like you charter buses to the rebbe’s wedding.

Cool-ay: Kool-Aid. Example: I had cool-ay, my neighbor had cool-ay; we all drank from the cool-ay.

Abortion: Sent off to California. Ha ha. Very funny. Until it hits you. Well, why don’t they go for the real thing? We are not Catholic, after all. Just say'n.


More, as it occurs to me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ייבש המעיין

This blog will cease to propagate for a while.

Not because I don’t want to share my thoughts with you. Quite the contrary;  יותר ממה שהעגל רוצה לינוק הפרה רוצה להינק More than the calf wants to suck, the cow wants to feed. However, I want to take this blog in certain direction and on certain level, and I’m not ready yet. So unless I’ll feel strongly about a current issue, things will be quite around here.


So long,