Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hestia or CompTia?

Should I go on reading Classic Mythology or practice for the CompTia Network+ exam?
Or read blogs?


yitzhak moishe said...

why do you think hungarian chassidus (ie satmar, the various flavors of toldos aharon, tosh) are so extreme ?

please take no offense at the question -- i'm generally interested

A Pusheter Yid said...

Extreme? Why?
You see, we the normal folks. The others are too modern for their own good.

yitzhak moishe said...

what do you know about the mishkenos haroim chassidus ? from what part of the alter heim are they ?

Anonymous said...

reb yid

which h'sidim have the longest
peyos ?

A Pusheter Yid said...

Bug off, idiot.